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Title: Tigridia suarezii (Iridaceae, Tigridieae), a new species from Jalisco, Mexico
Author: Rodriguez, A.
Ortiz-Catedral, L.
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: Tigridia suarezii (Iridaceae, Tigridieae) is a new species from Mexico. Its distinguishing features are the dark purple, almost black color of the spreading tepal limbs and the white to cream floral cup with dark purple spots and stripes. It is morphologically similar to T. alpestris subsp. obtusa and T. venusta, from which it differs in the more robust habit of the plant, the shape, length, and width of the tepals, and the length of the anther, filament column, and style branches. Tigridia suarezii and T. venusta inhabit the understory in pine-oak forests in an altitudinal range from 2080 to 2800 m, whereas T. alpestris subsp. obtusa grows on exposed rocky slopes above 3000 m. Tigridia suarezii is known only from the state of Jalisco.
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