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Title: The Wigner function for general Lie groups and the wavelet transform
Author: Ali, S.T.
Atakishiyev, N.M.
Chumakov, S.M.
Wolf, K.B.
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: We build Wigner maps, functions and operators on general phase spaces arising from a class of Lie groups, including non-unimodular groups (such as the affine group). The phase spaces are coadjoint orbits in the dual of the Lie algebra of these groups and they come equipped with natural symplectic structures and Liouville-type invariant measures. When the group admits square-integrable representations, we present a very general construction of a Wigner function which enjoys all the desirable properties, including full covariance and reconstruction formulae. We study in detail the case of the affine group on the line. In particular, we put into focus the close connection between the well-known wavelet transform and the Wigner function on such groups.
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