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Title: The role of dystroglycan in PDGF-BB-dependent migration of activated hepatic stellate cells/myofibroblasts
Author: Kastanis, G.J.
Hernandez-Nazara, Z.
Nieto, N.
Rincon-Sanchez, A.R.
Popratiloff, A.
Dominguez-Rosales, J.A.
Lechuga, C.G.
Rojkind, M.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Hepatic stellate cells are embedded in the loose connective tissue matrix within the space of Disse. This extracellular matrix contains several basement membrane components including laminin, but its composition changes during liver injury because of the production of extracellular matrix components found in scar tissue. These changes in extracellular matrix composition and in cell-extracellular matrix interactions may play a key role in hepatic stellate cell transdifferentiation. In this communication we used early passages of mouse hepatic stellate cells (activated HSC/ myofibroblasts) to study the platelet-derived growth factor BB (PDGF-BB)-dependent expression and regulation of ?-dystroglycan and its role in activated HSC/myofibroblast migration. We used Northern and Western analysis to study dystroglycan expression and confocal microscopy to investigate changes in subcellular distribution of the protein. Activated HSC migration was investigated using an in vitro wound-healing assay. PDGF-BB induced significant changes in dystroglycan regulation and subcellular distribution of the protein. Whereas steady-state levels of dystroglycan mRNA remained constant, PDGF-BB increased dystroglycan transcription but shortened the t1/2 by 50%. Moreover, PDGF-BB changed dystroglycan and ?5-integrin cellular distribution. Cell migration experiments revealed that PDGF-BB-dependent migration of activated HSC/myofibroblasts was completely blocked by neutralizing antibodies to fibronectin, ?5-integrin, laminin, and ?-dystroglycan. Overall, these findings suggest that both laminin and fibronectin and their receptors play a key role in PDGF-BB-induced activated HSC migration. � 2011 the American Physiological Society.
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