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Title: The inner galactic structure traced by molecular clouds associated with ultra-compact hii regions
Author: Luna, A.
Ortega, M.L.
De La Fuente, E.
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: We are testing a method to solve for the distances of a sample of ultra-compact (UC) HII regions with IRAS colors and CS(J=2-1) detection. The ambiguity in their kinematical distances is solved using Monte-Carlo simulations. We simulated heliocentric longitude-Radius (l-R) on Galactic plane distributions, and their respective longitude-VelocityLSR (l-VLSR) projections using synthetic associated molecular clouds. The best Galactic distribution is selected by comparison with observed CO maps. Preliminary results for the Galactic quadrant IV are presented. � 2008: Instituto de Astronom�a.
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