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Title: The clinical and lipid metabolic effects of a gestoden- and ethynyl estradiol-based monophasic contraceptive [Efectos clúnicos y del metabolismo lipídico de un anticonceptivo monofísico a base de gestodeno y etinilestradiol.]
Author: Perez Pena, E.
Lamas Flores, R.
Issue Date: 1993
Abstract: This is a clinical study to evaluate the efficacy, clinical side effects and in lipid metabolism of a new hormonal contraceptive preparation containing 75 mcg. of ethinyloestradiol. Thirty Mexican health women in reproductive age were studied for 12 months, giving a total of 360 cycles. The medication was highly effective for contraception, because pregnancies did not occur in this period. The clinical side effects were mild and less frequent that the ones informed with the use of other available hormonal oral contraceptives. In lipid metabolism, we did not find the adverse effects most frequently observed with the use of previous progestagens. This study, like previous ones, concludes that the combination of gestodene and ethinylestradiol is highly effective as a contraceptive with a low incidence of collateral side effects and due to its lack of interference with the metabolism of lipids is particularly suited for cases of high risk to develop pathology associated with alterations in lipid metabolism.
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