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Title: Tannin content in the bark of two species of paracata (Erythroxylon compactum Rose and Senna skinneri Benth. Irwin & Barneby) [Contenido de taninos en la corteza de dos especies de parácata (Erythroxylon compactum Rose y Senna skinneri Benth. Irwin & Barneby)]
Author: Colin-Urieta, S.
Ochoa-Ruiz, H.G.
Rutiaga-Quinones, J.G.
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Tannins were obtained from Parácata (Erythroxylon compactum Rose and Senna skinneri Benth. Irwin & Barneby) bark by aqueous extraction using a 2k experimental design, with k = 4 and n = 2. The factors and levels were: Factor A = particle size (0.417, 6.68 mm), Factor B = extraction time (120, 180 min), Factor C = extraction temperature (80, 87 °C), Factor D = solid-liquid ratio (1:15, 1:12). The tanning quality of the tannins was evaluated. A deerskin was tanned using S. skinneri tannins and its tear load and tensile strength were determined. Test results for the physical and mechanical properties of the tanned leather were higher than the minimum values recommended by Mexican standards. We therefore conclude that the tannins in S. skinneri bark are suitable for use in tanning.
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