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Title: Systematics, morphology and physiology: New species of tetramorium mayr (hymenoptera: Formicidae) from puebla state, Mexico
Author: Vasquez-Bolanos, M.
Castano-Meneses, G.
Guzman-Mendoza, R.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Tetramorium notomelanum sp. n. is described from the Tehuacan Valley, state of Puebla, Mexico. Its distribution and relation with other species of the tortuosum-group is discussed. The new species of Tetramonium is described from workers, and distinguished from others of the group by several characters: i) black coloration of the body; ii) size: T. notomelanum sp. n. is smaller than T. hispidum (Wheeler), T. mexicanum Bolton and T. spinosum (Pergande), but larger than T. bicolorum Vasquez-Bolanos and T. placidum Bolton; iii) length of the hairs of the dorsal of the head are equal to the diameter of eye; iv) the length of the hairs on the scape and tibiae less than the width of the appendage where they are located. This is the second species of the tortuosum group of Tetramorium found in the State of Puebla, and the fourth recorded in Mexico. � 2011 Sociedade Entomol�gica do Brasil.
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