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Title: Stickies related research during the recycling of waste paper
Author: Turrado, S.J.
Gonzalez, T.O.G.
Vazquez, C.L.M.
Saucedo, C.A.R.
Rivera Prado, J.J.
Sanjuan, D.R.
Issue Date: 1999
Abstract: The paper industry in order to reach all paper quality requirements is using as by products more and higher quantity chemicals products in the furnish. The behaviour of all these materials specially those with adhesive properties are the source of trouble during the new paper production. This work is related to quantifying micro and dispersed stickies generated by two paper samples specially the behaviour of adhesives in relation to an hydrophobic Polyethylene surface "Low Density Polyethylene, LDPE film" placed in an stirred pulp sample (2%C) at 50�C, etc. in this relation the surface tension of both compounds is important. It was used a 2k Mathematical Model in order to optimize the action of each parameter. The analysis of particles adhered to the LDPE film was made using an image Analyser, this work was developed in order to look for a quick and reliable method to help the Paper Industry. The mean area of stickies of both paper samples (31724 and 8722 ?m2/m2) was detected and related to the weight to waste paper O.D. (16.9�10-3 mm2 stickies/kg waste paper O.D. 4.29�10-3.
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