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dc.contributor.authorGutierrez, E.C.-
dc.description.abstractSocial interactions in pairs of children under contingencies of cooperation or competition were analyzed. History effects of cooperation and competition contingencies also were assessed. Twelve dyads of children were asked to solve a puzzle. The frequencies of occurrence of donating puzzle pieces, snatching the pieces, and violent behavior towards their peers were recorded under cooperation, competition, and freeplay conditions. The dyads were exposed to unique treatment conditions (cooperation/ cooperation and competition/competition) or mixed treatment conditions (cooperation/competition and competition/cooperation). Donating was most frequent during the cooperation condition, and snatching the puzzle pieces and violent behavior were most frequent during the competition condition. History effects were found during the mixed treatment conditions. The data are not consistent with the selfish rationality assumption (Santoyo, 1997). An alternative explanation in terms of referential substitution (Ribes & Lo ?pez, 1985) and reciprocity (Hake, Schmid, & Olvera, 1978; Hake & Schmid, 1981) is offered.-
dc.titleSocial interactions under contingencies of cooperation and competition: Supplementary or substitute behavior? [Interacciones sociales en contingencias de cooperación y competencia: ¿comportamiento suplementario o sustitutivo?]-
dc.relation.ispartofjournalRevista Mexicana de Analisis de la Conducta-
dc.subject.keywordCompetition; Contingency; Cooperation; Dyads; Interaction-
dc.contributor.affiliationGutiérrez, E.C., Universidad de guadalajara, Mexico-
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