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Title: Scutellaria cuevasiana and Scutellaria sublitoralis (Lamiaceae), two new species from Jalisco and Nayarit, Mexico
Other Titles: Scutellaria cuevasiana y Scutellaria sublitoralis (Lamiaceae), dos especies nuevas de Jalisco y Nayarit, México
Author: Gonzalez-Gallegos, J.G.
Vazquez-Garcia, J.A.
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Scutellaria cuevasiana J. G. González et A. Vázquez and Scutellaria sublitoralis J. G. González are described and illustrated. Scutellaria cuevasiana fits best within section Uliginosae (Epling) Epling. It is morphologically close to S. blepharophylla Epling, S. rosei Fernald and S. seleriana Loes. It differs from them by its magenta corollas, small and sessile floral bracts, longer petioles and bigger leaves. Scutellaria sublitoralis does not manifest any clear morphological affinity with species of the sections enumerated by Epling. It could be related to species in sections Pallidiflorae Epling or Uliginosae, particularly with the "Scutellaria ovata" or "Scutellaria caerulea" species groups defined by Paton. It is morphologically similar to S. pallidiflora Epling; however, it can be recognized by wider leaves with usually cordate to subcordate bases, persistent floral bracts, floral axis and calyces without glandular-capitate hairs, longer corollas, and narrower toward the throat.
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