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Title: Scattering approach to fidelity decay in closed systems and parametric level correlations
Author: Gorin, T.
Lopez Vazquez, P.C.
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Based on an exact analytical approach to describe scattering fidelity experiments, we obtain an expression for the fidelity amplitude decay of quantum chaotic or diffusive systems under arbitrary Hermitian perturbations. This allows us to rederive previous separately obtained results in a simpler and unified manner, as is shown explicitly for the case of a global perturbation. The general expression is also used to derive a so far unpublished exact analytical formula for the case of a moving S-wave scatterer. In the second part of the paper, we extend a relation between fidelity decay and parametric level correlations from the universal case of global perturbations to an arbitrary combination of global and local perturbations. Thereby, the relation becomes a versatile tool for the analysis of unknown perturbations. � 2013 American Physical Society.
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