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Title: Salvia carreyesii, Salvia ibugana and Salvia ramirezii (Lamiaceae), three new species from Jalisco, Mexico
Other Titles: Salvia carreyesii, Salvia ibugana y Salvia ramirezii (Lamiaceae), tres nuevas especies de Jalisco, M�xico
Author: Gonzalez-Gallegos, J.G.
Vazquez-Garcia, J.A.
Chazaro-Basanez, M.D.J.
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Three new species from Jalisco, Mexico, are described and illustrated. These species grow in tropical or in tropical and temperate transitional forests. The 3 species belong to Salvia L. subgenus Calosphace (Benth.) Benth. Salvia carreyesii J. G. Gonz�lez is morphologically similar with section Briquetia Epling. It is characterized by the contrasting vegetative morphology between mature and immature individuals, its relatively large and sessile or sub-sessile leaves (the uppermost amplexicaul), glandular-capitate hairs on the floral axis and calyx, and dark violet corollas. The characters of Salvia ibugana J. G. Gonz�lez correspond to those of the species of section Angulatae (Epling) Epling, within which S. ibugana is distinguished by the digitiform papillae disperse on its stems, petioles and floral axis. Salvia ramirezii J. G. Gonz�lez fits well within section Sigmoideae Epling by means of the sigmoid shape of the lower branch of its style. It is morphologically similar to Salvia crucis and S. quercetorum, from which it can be distinguished by the triangular, slightly succulent, shorter, glabrous, lustrous leaves.
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