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Title: Safe blood in the absence of viral infections due to HBV, HCV and HIV in serological window period in donors [Sangre segura en ausencia de infecciones virales por VHB, VHC y VIH en per�odo de ventana serol�gica de donadores]
Author: Contreras, A.M.
Reta, C.B.
Torres, O.
Celis, A.
Dominguez, J.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Objective: To determine the prevalence of viral infections (HBV, HCV and HIV) in serological window period in blood donors screened with nucleic acid testing (NAT). Materials and Methods: We assessed all blood donors from July 2008 to June 2009 at the Central Blood Bank of the Mexican Institute of Social Security. Medical history was made and provided an information brochure and self-exclusion questionnaire. All blood donors were tested with serological tests (Ag-HBVs, Anti-HCV and Anti-HIV) and molecular testing with NAT for HBV, HCV and HIV. The window period was defined with the positive NAT and negative serological test. Results: During one year, we evaluated 47 847 blood donors. None subject was identified with viral infection (HBV, HCV and HIV) in serological window period. Positive serological testing were found for HBV in 78 (0.2%), 318 (0.7%) for HCV and 155 (0.3%) for HIV. Positive NAT was demonstrated only in donors with positive serology: 26 of 78 with HBV, 56 of 318 with HCV and 16 of 155 with HIV. Conclusion: This is the first study in M�xico showed no viral infections (HBV, HCV and HIV) during serological window period in blood donors; The medical history and the self-exclusion questionnaire help to improve blood transfusion safety.
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