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Title: Reales de minas (groups of mines) of the "Caja de Guadalajara" during the 18th century: Trade routes and silver production [Los reales de minas de la caja de Guadalajara durante el siglo XVIII: Circuitos comerciales y producción de plata]
Author: De León Meza, C.R.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: This article shows the economic significance of the group of mines that belonged to the jurisdiction of the "Caja de Guadalajara". The novelty lies in that local historiography had erroneously labeled these mining camps as being small. Recent studies show that they were not so small after all. These groups of mines were the focal point of the economy of a vast region and triggered the development of agriculture, livestock and trade activities. This article reveals the nexus between the fluctuations in silver production and events in Europe.
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