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Title: Psychopathology of the adolescent with suicide attempt and gender differences [Psicopatolog�a del adolescente con intento suicida y diferencias de g�nero]
Author: Figueroa, I.V.
Fernandez, R.A.
Gallegos, N.G.
Alfaro, N.A.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: We present an evaluation of the psychopathology of adolescent with suicide attempt and its gender differences. The psychopathology of 723 teenagers was evaluated dimensionally, Lickert's scale (? = 0.88): and also antecedents of suicidal attempts, psychological treatment and consumption of medication for the nerves. OR was used to determine significant association. The antecedent of suicidal attempt was 9.96%. Significant ratios were shown for: depression and its equivalents (OR = 3.35; IC 1.62-7.07); neurotic behavior patterns (OR 5.62; IC 3.13-10.21); history of consumption of medication for the nerves (OR = 3.08; IC 1.70-5.65); history of psychiatric/psychological treatments (OR = 3.39; IC 1.04-12.19); the alcohol consumption showed an inverse behavior concerning risk (OR 0.38; IC 0.25-0.60). The Psychopathologic manifestations show a differenced pattern and speak of a risk specific to them. The predominant variables were: depressive disorders and their equivalents, neurotic behavior patterns and suicide attempt. Copyright � 2009 Aran Ediciones, S. L.
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