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Title: Pluteus horakianus, a new species from Mexico, based on morphological and molecular data
Author: Rodriguez, O.
Galvan-Corona, A.
Villalobos-Arambula, A.R.
Vargas, G.
Guzman-Davalos, L.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Pluteus horakianus is described here from Quercus, Pinus-Quercus and subtropical-montane cloud forests in Western Mexico. The species is morphologically similar to P. aurantiorugosus but is distinguished by its red pileus, the marginate lamellae with scarlet to orange-reddish edges, the red tinges on the stipe and the small and fragile basidiomata. The phylogeny inferred from ITS rDNA sequences revealed that P. horakianus represents a distinctive species within the well supported Celluloderma clade distantly related to the morphologically similar P. aurantiorugosus. A morphological description of the new species is supplemented by a photograph of a fresh basidioma and illustrations of the micromorphological features.
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