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Title: On the non-ideal behavior of the homogeneous esterification reaction: a kinetic model based on activity coefficients
Author: Hernandez-Montelongo, R.
García-Sandoval, J.P.
Aguilar-Garnica, E.
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a kinetic model that considers the non-ideal behavior of an homogeneous acid catalyzed esterification of free fatty acids (FFA) and that has been derived regarding the well-known Fischer-Speier esterification mechanism. This kinetic expression differs from those used in other studies because it is based on activity coefficients instead of concentrations. This fact allows the kinetic model to remain free of ad hoc functions or arbitrary parameters and it also allows to include explicitly the catalyst activity as a part of the model. The proposed model has been tested through experimental data derived from the esterification of oleic acid and also through experimental data taken from available literature. The results show that the inclusion of the catalyst activity within the kinetic model makes it possible to satisfactorily describe a couple of phenomena: the fast drop of the FFAs concentration at the beginning of the reaction and the decrease of the reaction rate in the case when water is initially present or when it is produced along the reaction. " 2015 Akademiai Kiad", Budapest, Hungary
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