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Title: New long-term tendencies of emigration of mexican people toward the united states and their remittances [Nuevas tendencias de largo plazo de la emigraci�n de mexicanos a estados Unidos y sus remesas]
Author: Arroyo-Alejandre, J.
Berumen-Sandoval, S.
Rodriguez-Alvarez, D.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: This article show evidence of a deep change in Mexican emigration to the U.S., both as for the number and profile of people who emigrate and the remittances they send their relatives in Mexico. In the last three decades of the last century and the first lustrum of the current one, both variables experienced uninterrupted growth rates; however, there are quantitative and qualitative reasons that allow state we are before the beginning of a new tendency to their stabilization in the long term. This change fundamentally responds to the hardening of the U.S. migratory policy as a response to September 11 attacks, as well as the deep structural crisis in this country, which appears in the loss of international competitiveness and in the necessary industrial reconversion towards sectors less intense in labor force.
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