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Title: Myasthenia gravis and pernicious anemia: An infrequent association [Miastenia gravis y anemia perniciosa: Una asociaci�n infrecuente]
Author: Fuentes-Mendez, M.
Ramirez-Ochoa, S.
Vargas-Sanchez, A.
Uriarte-Loaiza, A.
Ochoa-Guzman, A.
Chiquete, E.
Ruiz-Sandoval, J.L.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Introduction: The coexistence of myasthenia gravis (MG) and other autoimmune syndromes is well recognized in clinical practice; however, the association with pernicious anemia (PA) is infrequent. Case report: A 64 year-old male, diagnosed with MG Osserman IIa, treated only with pyridostigmine, was seen at our hospital due to generalized and constant weakness, pallor and macrocytic anemia. A hematologic approach confirmed the diagnosis of PA in view of low levels of cobalamine and autoantibodies against intrinsic factor. The patient received a blood transfusion and was supplemented with cobalamine up to the stabilization of his symptoms. Conclusion: The simultaneous occurrence of MG and PA is infrequent, reported in < 2% of MG cases in the international literature. However, as both MG and PA are autoimmune disorders, their association should be considered when an adequately treated MG patient presents with generalized constant weakness rather than with late fatigability.
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