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Title: Linear scleroderma en coup de sabre. Neurological symptoms, images and review [Esclerodermia lineal en coup de sabre. Manifestaciones neurológicas, imágenes y revisión]
Author: Ruiz Sandoval, J.L.
Romero-Vargas, S.
Gutierrez-Aceves, G.A.
García-Navarro, V.
Bernard-Medina, A.G.
Cerda-Camacho, F.
Riestra-Castaneda, R.
Gonzalez-Cornejo, S.
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: Introduction. 'Sword stroke' linear scleroderma, which is better known as linear scleroderma en coup de sabre (LSCS), is a rare disease with an uncertain causation that is characterised by progressive craniofacial focal atrophy and is, at least in part, different from Parry-Romberg syndrome (PRS). Case reports. Here, we report on the cases of 3 patients with LSCS (2 females and 1 male, with a mean age of 40 years). The main neurological symptoms were headache and seizures. Although different alterations were observed in the X-ray images, they were all ipsilateral to the coup de sabre. Histopathological evidence for gliosis and mixed perivascular inflammatory infiltrate was found in the study of a biopsy specimen taken from one female. Cerebrovascular involvement was seen in another patient, as highlighted by the observation of an earlier subclinical cerebellar infarct and occlusion of the superior cerebellar artery in the absence of any other possible causation. Conclusions. When it affects the central nervous system, the clinical and radiological presentation of LSCS is heterogeneous. Both the imaging studies carried out during the clinical control and the histopathological findings suggest a focal inflammatory process that can be progressive. The arterial involvement is probably due to a non-atherosclerotic, occlusive and chronic inflammatory disease of the peripheral vessels. 2005, Revista de Neurología.
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