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Title: Levels of oxidative stress in serum and dietary behavior in adults in a rural area of Jalisco, Mexico [Indicadores de estr�s oxidativo en suero y comportamiento alimentario en adultos de una zona rural de Jalisco, M�xico]
Author: Navarro-Meza, M.
Arroyo-Helguera, O.
Pacheco-Moises, F.
Pita-Lopez, M.L.
Santoyo-Telles, F.
Ortiz, G.G.
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Introduction: The feeding behavior establishes a relation of humans with food, includes food habits that could be involved with oxidative stress. Objective: To evaluate the relation of indicators of oxidative stress (lipid peroxides) and antioxidant (ascorbic acid, catalase, superoxide dismutase) with feeding behavior in adults of Teocuhitatlan Corona, Jalisco, Mexico. Method: Study observational, descriptive, cross-sectional of 44 adults with 43 to 88 years, was used a instrument of feeding behavior. The questionnaire were related to indicators of oxidative stress. Were used descriptive statistics, frequency distribution and analysis of covariance with adjustment variables, was considered significant p <0.05. Results: The values of serum lipid peroxides were related to behaviors: consider the nutritional content as most important when choosing food (p = 0.042), dislike milk (p = 0.027), intake of sweets between meals (p = 0.001), habitual inclusion of vegetables and salads in main meal (p = 0.018). We do not found association in to values of ascorbic acid, cholesterol in low density lipoproteins and enzymatic activities of catalase and superoxide dismutase with food behaviors. Discussion: The feeding behaviors analyzed in this study may be involved with development of oxidative stress and could be have protective or harmful effect in development to complications of chronic non-com-municable diseases and aging in this population. This suggests to analyze demographic and socio-cultural aspects of region and besides analyzing the consumption and metabolic markers related to food. � 2015, Grupo Aula Medica S.A. All rights reserved.
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