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Title: Knowledge capitalization in a component-based software factory: A semantic viewpoint
Author: Castillo-Barrera, F.-E.
Medina-Ramirez, C.
Duran-Limon, H.A.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Recently, Ontologies have boomed as artifacts to represent domain knowledge and as an important component in specific applications helping decision-making. In software engineering domain, ontologies have been employed to manage software components (classifying, retrieving, matching et all), and this approach has been deemed as an effective way for capturing and using the knowledge of the software components on the retrieving system and matching process, before and after it. This knowledge will be used by new developers gaining time in the development of new projects and in consequence it implies a reducing costs for training. In this paper, we describe a software component ontology for knowledge capitalization. We use an example and a prototype (called Chichen Itza) to show the feasibility of our approach.
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