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Title: Incidence of insect predators on orchids at the las joyas research station, jalisco, Mexico [Incidencia de insectos depredadores sobre las orquideas de la estacion cientifica las joyas, jalisco, Mexico]
Author: Gonzalez-Diaz, S.
Rivera-Cervantes, L.E.
Cuevas-Guzman, R.
Solis-Magallanes, J.A.
Santana-Michel, F.J.
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The incidence of insect predators on orchids was evaluated in seven plots located at the Las Joyas Research Station (LJRS), Jalisco, Mexico. This research was conducted between September 2009 and February 2010. A total of 130 species from 16 orchid genera were identified. S. martiniana, C. pendula, O. tigrinum and R. splendens were the main host orchid species. All of them showed significant damages in their organs due to the incidence of phytophagous Hemiptera. M. lutem and A. spiraecola (Patch) were the phytophagous insect species that provoked major damage in orchids. Insects caused significant damages in species located in anthropised areas. This assessment would improve the current conservation strategy of Orchidaceae in Jalisco.
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