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Title: Geological model and evaluation of the La Primavera geothermal field, Jalisco, Mexico [Modelo geologico y evaluacion del campo geotermico La Primavera, Jal., Mexico]
Author: Maciel-Flores, R.
Rosas-Elguera, J.
Issue Date: 1992
Abstract: In the area of La Primavera Volcanic Field Quaternary volcano-tectonic activity has given rise to a convective hydrothermal system. 13 deep wells were drilled in the central part of the PVF. Lithostratigraphic sequences are pre- and syncalderic, pre-caldera sequence including the granitic basement, andesites, lithic tuffs and rhyolites. The geothermal sequence is located in the andesitic formation. The contact between intrusives and andesites is not metamorphic suggesting that the heat source and the intrusion are not related. The groundwater flows from SE to NW. The geothermal potential was evaluated by geochemical, thermic, and mineralogic parameters. -from English summary
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