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Title: Genetic profile of overweight and obese school-age children
Author: Torres-Bugarin, O.
Fernandez-Garcia, A.
Torres-Mendoza, B.M.
Zavala-Aguirre, J.L.
Nava-Zavala, A.
Zamora-Perez, A.L.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Obesity is associated with overproduction of free radicals that promotes genotoxicity and could be measured as micronuclei (MN) and nuclear abnormalities (NA) in buccal mucosa cells. The frequency of MN and NA in buccal mucosa cells from overweight and obesity school-age children was determined. In a cross-sectional study, four anthropometric parameters were obtained from each child and one buccal mucosa sample was collected from each child. The slides were stained with orcein and fast green and microscopically analyzed for MN and NA. Twenty overweight and obesity school-age children (7-11 years old) from three schools located at the metropolitan area of Guadalajara were selected to form three groups with 20 children each, according to the weight features as follows: (1) normal weight; (2) overweight; and (3) obesity. No marked differences were found between groups for frequency of MN and NA. Genotoxicity, as indicated by increase in binucleated (BN) cells, was found in children within both overweight and obese groups exposed to passive tobacco smoke. There was no evidence of genetic instability in overweight and obese school-age children and no associations between body weight and genotoxicity markers found. � 2009 Taylor & Francis.
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