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Title: Generalized Cochannel Outage Analysis with DTX in PCS Channels
Author: Rodriguez, D.M.
Herrera, V., R.A.
Tawfik, H.
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: Spectrum limitations are often a deterrent for swift growth of cellular radio systems. Therefore, different technologies have been explored to enhance the Radio Frequency (RF) capacity as well as to improve the communication quality. Recent technologies suggest the use of Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) as a mean to achieve these goals. In this paper, we analyze and quantify the performance improvement which result from implementing DTX in microcellular systems. The performance criteria is chosen to be the outage probability of de signal to interference ratio. Closed form expressions are derived for outage probabilities for systems using discontinuous transmission. Results are obtained for generalized Nakagami(n)/Nakagami(m) channels as well as for Ricean/Nakagami(m) environments. Moreover, since DTX effectiveness depend on voice patterns, modified expressions are developed for average outage probabilities which take into consideration different voice activity factors.
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