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Title: Evidences of trophic interactions on holocene ostracod populations of southwestern Spain
Author: Abad, M.
Ruiz, F.
Gonzalez-Regalado, M.L.
Civis, J.
Delgado, J.A.G.
Garcia, E.X.
Toscano, A.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: This paper analyzes the predation evidences observed on ostracod populations collected in Holocene estuarine palaeoenvironments of southwestern Spain. The study of almost 1,000 specimens allowed extraction of seven bored valves and carapaces. Percentages of bored specimens are very low (< 3%), with the absence of predation evidences in numerous samples. Two main types of boreholes can be distinguished: a) Oichnus paraboloides Bromley, probably due to gastropods; and b) Oichnus simplex Bromley, caused by gastropods or turbellarians. These boreholes are concentrated mainly in the central and dorsal areas of the valves. Borehole diameter shows a positive correlation with the dimensions of the predated valves. This predation affects to adults and the last juvenile instars. � 2012 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.
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