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Title: Environmental costs in agricultural conjuncture zones. Vegetable cultivation in Sayula (Mexico) [Costos ambientales en zonas de coyuntura agrícola. La horticultura en sayula (México)]
Author: Macias Macias, A.
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: For about twenty years in Sayula, the agro-industrial production of vegetables was carried out by companies from other regions of the country, which valued the territory like agricultural juncture zones as they had done in other parts of Mexico. This productive model, where practices like intensive agriculture and monocultures predominate, has generated a diversity of environmental effects, whose monetary quantification becomes important to take corrective measures. In this article, the author applied a survey to a sample of Sayula population (México), in order to inquiry about its perception of consequences of such production, as well as to estimate their economic cost, by using the contingent valuation method.
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