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Title: Encephalo-splenial-polyradiculoneropathy associated with hepatitis C virus infection [Encéfalo-esplenio-polirradiculoneuritis asociada a infección por virus de la hepatitis C]
Author: Navarro-Bonnet, J.
Chiquete, E.
Ruiz-Casillas, G.I.
Vazquez-Limon, J.C.
Ruiz-Sandoval, J.L.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Based on the favorable results obtained in previous investigations, the present study assessed the statistical validity and reliability of the limbic structure clinical evaluation scale EV-POL. An additional purpose of the study was to assess the psychometric properties of the scale in all of its component subscales. The scale was applied to thirty patients with clinical diagnose for limbic structure problems; additionally thirty healthy subjects completed the scale. Results showed direct and statistically significant split half correlations in all the subscales. Additionally the results showed that the scale's ratings were significantly higher in the clinical group than in the control group in all of the component subscales. Thus, the results suggest that the scale is reliable and presents empirical validity in all of its subscales.
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