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Title: Effects on the quantum not and controlled-not gates of a modular magnetic field in the z-direction in a chain of nuclear spin system
Author: Lopez, G.V.
Avila, M.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: We study the simulation of a single qubit rotation and Controlled-Not gate in a solid state one-dimensional chain of nuclear spins system interacting weakly through an Ising type of interaction with a modular component of the magnetic field in the z-direction, characterized by B z(z; t) = Bo(z) cos ?t. These qubits are subjected to electromagnetic pulses which determine the transition in the one or two qubits system. We use the fidelity parameter to determine the performance of the Not (N) gate and Controlled-Not (CNOT) gate as a function of the frequency parameter ?. We found that for |?| ?10 -3 MHz, these gates still have good fidelity.
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