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Title: Effects of warning and administration of consequences in schoolchildren's compliance [Efectos de la advertencia y la administración de consecuencias sobre el cumplimiento en niños escolares]
Author: Rancel, N.
Velazquez, R.
Ribes, E.
Morales, O.
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Two experiments were conducted to compare the effects of warnings and warnings followed by the implementation of consequences on schoolchildren's compliance. In Experiment 1, participants were asked to solve puzzles in the presence of the experimenter (familiarization period). Participants were then divided into three groups, and each group was exposed to one of three conditions: warning and consequence; warning only, and application of the consequences only. Using a word search task with two lists of words (blue and red), the experimenter asked the participants to respond exclusively in the blue list. In Experiment 1, all the children worked in the blue list, as requested by the experimenter. Experiment 2 was similar to Experiment 1, except for the presence of a confederate, who solved the puzzles exclusively in the red list during the first session. The results of Experiment 2 showed that non-compliance (working in the red list) was greatest for the children who were exposed to the warning only condition.
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