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Title: Effects of vortices in aquatic systems and its relation to chemistry, biology and geology [Efectos de los vértices en sistemas acuZapotitlánticos y su relación con la quemica, biología y geologZapotitlána]
Author: Gomez, R.C.C.
Gomez, M.A.M.
Bulgakov, S.N.
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: The importance of vortices as one of the principal actors in transporting the internal energy (heat), salts, nutrients and sediments in marine and continental ecosystems is discussed. The thermocline and pycnocline uplift effects caused by the formation of cyclonic vortices, which bring about an increase in nutrients in the euphotic zone, are presented. Also, the effects of anticyclonic vortices in the transport of chlorophyll and sediments over large distances compared to their diameters, are described. The end result is the need of joining efforts by different disciplines to achieve a complete understanding of the phenomena, which could help to predict and reasonably exploit marine resources.
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