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Title: Effects of harvesting on the structure of a neotropical woody bamboo (Otatea: Guaduinae) populations
Author: Vazquez-Lopez, J.M.
Vibrans, H.
García-Moya, E.
Valdez-Hernandez, J.I.
Romero-Manzanares, A.
Cuevas-Guzman, R.
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: Natural populations of Otatea acuminata (Munro) C.E. Calderón & Soderstr. subsp. aztecorum (McClure & E.W. Smith) R. Guzmán, Anaya & Santana-Michel were studied in the Sierra de Manantlán, Jalisco-Colima, in Western Mexico. The objectives were to compare the structure of otate populations at different harvesting levels, in order to evaluate the changes occurred due to management and to obtain the best prediction factor for culm production. Forty-one 50m 2 plots were randomly established in harvested and non-harvested stands, and were observed over a 2 year period. There was no significant difference between harvested and unharvested stands, but the latter had higher densities and longer stems on average. Culm diameter and height were significantly different according to soil type in a nonparametric ANOVA. A backward lineal regression analysis identified a prediction model for juvenile culms production. Present exploitation levels by artesans appear to be sustainable.
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