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Title: Edge type vegetation in a cloud forest in Western Mexico [Vegetación de bordes en un bosque mesífilo de montaña del occidente de México]
Author: Santiago-Perez, A.L.
Jardel-Pelaez, E.J.
Cuevas-Guzman, R.
Huerta-Martinez, F.M.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Species composition, diversity, structure and microclimate were compared in two edge type of montane cloud forest (FF, edges with pine forest and FS, secondary shrubland) within a forest-edge-exterior gradient at Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve (Jalisco, Mexico). The cloud forest presented higher richness (126 species, 52 interior habitat specifi c) than pine forests (84) and shrublands (71). Richness and diversity were similar in FF, but species replacement was higher in FS. Density, diameter structure, basal area and canopy cover were major in FF than in FS. Microclimatic and soil condition, was gradual in FF edges and abrupt in FS edges. Tree species of the cloud forests (high density of seedlings and saplings <5 cm diameter breast height) are colonizing the understory of adjacent pine forests, whereas in shrublands their establishment appears to be limited by competition with shrubs and herbaceous species and microclimatic conditions. Our results highlight the importance of considering edge type contrast in conservation and restoration of cloud forest in forest landscapes.
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