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Title: Distribution and abundance of soft-bottom stomatopod crustaceans off the coast of Jalisco and Colima, Mexico
Author: Arciniega-Flores, J.
Landa-Jaime, V.
Gonzalez-Sanson, G.
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: Three cruises (DEM I, DEM II, DEM III) were conducted during 1995 and 1996. Seven localities were visited during each cruise at four different depths (20, 40, 60 and 80 m), with paired shrimp trawls on the continental shelf off Jalisco and Colima, Mexico. Five genera and nine species belonging to the families Eurysquillidae, Hemisquillidae, Lysiosquillidae and Squillidae were identified. The highest richness was found on the DEM III cruise (eight species), with an average abundance of 74 ind/ha. During DEM III Squilla panamensis was the most abundant species (average = 58 ind/ha). Squilla hancocki was the most abundant on the DEM I and DEM II cruises, with 18 and 44 ind/ha, respectively. The highest abundance was observed at the 60 m depth, with temperature averages between 13.9 and 23.9�C. The highest- co-occurrence frequency (31.7%) was found between S. hancocki and S. panamensis.
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