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Title: Delignification of bagasse with acetic acid and ozone. Part 1. Acetic acid pulping
Author: Contreras, H.
Nagieb, Z.A.
Sanjuan D, R.
Issue Date: 1997
Abstract: Two-stage delignification of sugarcane bagasse with acetic acid and ozone was investigated. The better pulp was obtained pulping bagasse in aqueous solution of acetic acid (80% volume) at 145�C during 60 min. The liquor/bagasse ratio (L/B) was 10:1 and the kappa number was 44; it fell to 10 in the ozone stage due to selectivity of acetic acid medium. Pulp reaches a brightness of almost 70% Elrepho and the strength properties are similar to those of soda pulps without refining and better than acetosolv pulps.
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