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Title: Cyclic voltammetry study for the electrodeposition of Cu(In 1-x,Gax)Se2 thin films
Author: Valderram, R.C.
Miranda-Hernandez, M.
Carreon, M.A.
Sebastian, P.J.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: A systematic study by cyclic voltammetry, chemical and structural characterization to achieve electrodeposition of Cu(In1-x,Ga x)Se2 (CIGS) thin films is described. Mo foil substrates in low concentration buffered baths containing CuCl2, InCl 2, GaCl2 and H2SeO3 were used for the film deposition. The electrochemical study showed the formation of CIGS on Mo substrate, the reduction of In and Ga in their metallic form in the interval of -0.37V to -0.52V vs. SCE from Cu-Se, Cu-In-Se, Cu-Ga-Se, and Cu-In-Ga-Se baths is described in detail. It was shown that the amount of Ga does not increase by increasing towards the negative potentials, however the amount of In increases and it further encouraged the growth of CuInSe2 films in the Cu-In-Ga-Se bath. All as-deposited films exhibit low crystallinity and CuIn0.81Ga0.19Se2 thin films were electrodeposited. �The Electrochemical Society.
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