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Title: Comparison of methods to evaluate aflatoxin B1 exposure in dairy cattle and the effect of mycotoxin adsorbents to reduce AFM1 residues in milk [Evaluaci�n de adsorbentes para la reducci�n de aflatoxin M1 en leche de vacas alimentadas con dietas contaminadas artificialmente con AFB1]
Author: Rojo, F.
Martinez, S.P.
Espinoza, V.H.I.
Vera, M.A.N.
De Lucas Palacios, E.
Velazquez, W.P.R.
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: The adsorbents have been extensively used to prevent mycotoxicosis and the carryover of the toxins or their metabolites into the food chain. Particularly, the aflatoxins binding in the gastrointestinal tract of ruminants and reduce the aflatoxin M1(AFM1) carryover to milk. This study was carried out to evaluate two exposition methods to AFB1in Holstein cows and monitoring AFM1in milk. Additionally, the potential of three aflatoxin binders were evaluated in both experiments. Results showed the carryover of AFB1to AFM1/day to be 3.35 and 1.8 %, respectively. Data obtained in the second experiment showed an estimated carryover closer to those obtained from cows fed with natural aflatoxin contaminated feeds. Unlike yeast cell wall glucomannan, both aluminosilicate adsorbents were found to significantly reduce the carryover of AFM1to raw milk (P<0.05).
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