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Title: Chemical treatment on paper surface of bleached CTMP pulp of eucalyptus to prevent fotoreversion [Tratamiento quimico en la superficie del papel a partir de pulpa quimico-termomecanica (CTMP) blanqueada de eucalipto para evitar la fotorreversion]
Author: Paulino Leandro
Ramos Quirarte Juan
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: Bleached eucalyptus CTMP pulp could be an interesting material for printing and writing paper fabrication, however brightness reversion is a negative and limiting point. Sheets of alkaline peroxide CTMP eucalyptus paper were made and its optical properties were studied after near UV light (? = 350 hm) radiation. Mixed photostabilization reactives were applied on sheets witch were 1-tyoglicerol and 2,4-dihydroxibenzophenon, respectively being a free radical scavenger and an UV light absorber. It was possible to prove that conventional alkaline peroxide bleached CTMP pulp is very susceptible to brightness reversion in presence of near UV light but surface application of photostabilizers could stop like 200% the colored quinones formation on paper.
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