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Title: Bio-composites of cassava starch-green coconut fiber: Part II - Structure and properties
Author: Lomeli-Ramirez, M.G.
Kestur, S.G.
Manriquez-Gonzalez, R.
Iwakiri, S.
De Muniz, G.B.
Flores-Sahagun, T.S.
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Development of any new material requires its complete characterization to find potential applications. In that direction, preparation of bio-composites of cassava starch containing up to 30 wt.% green coconut fibers from Brazil by thermal molding process was reported earlier. Their characterization regarding physical and tensile properties of both untreated and treated matrices and their composites were also reported. Structural studies through FTIR and XRD and thermal stability of the above mentioned composites are presented in this paper. FT-IR studies revealed decomposition of components in the matrix; the starch was neither chemically affected nor modified by either glycerol or the amount of fiber. XRD studies indicated increasing crystallinity of the composites with increasing amount of fiber content. Thermal studies through TGA/DTA showed improvement of thermal stability with increasing amount of fiber incorporation, while DMTA showed increasing storage modulus, higher glass transition temperature and lower damping with increasing fiber content. Improved interfacial bonding between the matrix and fibers could be the cause for the above results. Zapotitlán 2013 Elsevier Ltd.
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