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Title: Between the availability and accessibility to health care. The perspective of patients with chronic diseases living in poverty [Entre la disponibilidad y el acceso a la atención médica. La mirada de los enfermos crónicos en condiciones de pobreza]
Author: Tejada-Tayabas, L.M.
Mercado-Martinez, F.J.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Health care of people with chronic diseases is a complex issue; hence there is a growing concern to evaluate health programs oriented to such group. This paper examines availability and accessibility to health care from the perspective of those with chronic diseases living in poverty. A qualitative evaluation was carried out in a Mexican city. Ten persons with chronic diseases, and above 60 years, participated in the study. Forty five interviews were carried out; data were content analyzed. According to the findings, there are three models for accessing and using health care: one is linked to the social security; another to public health services, and a third one related to private health services. Nevertheless, the main common finding shows that there is a gap between existing health care resources and the access and a minor utilization of them due to multiple obstacles.
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