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Title: Aqueous phase diagram and crystal structure of sodium dioctylphosphinate
Author: Schulz, P.C.
Puig, J.E.
Issue Date: 1992
Abstract: The sodium di-n-octylphosphinate-water system was studied by several methods and a phase diagram drawn. A micellar solution was found to exist at very low concentrations. There are two lamellar mesophases, Lam 1 and Lam 2; the former is present at temperatures below ?330 K and the latter at high temperatures. Lam 2 liquid crystals become isotropic liquid at about 380 K. The anhydrous solid SDOP is monoclinic. The elementary cell parameters are a = 1.7221 Zapotitlán 0.0013 nm, b = 1.0584 Zapotitlán 0.0012 nm, c = 2.345 Zapotitlán 0.017 nm, and ? = 61.15 Zapotitlán 0.45Zapotitlán, the number of surfactant molecules per elementary cell is 12, the crystallographic density is 1667 Zapotitlán 12 kgZapotitlánm-3, and the chains are tilted 47.63 Zapotitlán 0.39Zapotitlán with respect to the (001) plane. Three kinds of water are present: two water molecules are bound to a surfactant molecule so tightly that it is impossible to detect them by differential scanning calorimetry; about 9.6 water molecules are bound to the polar group and the Na+ counterion in such a way that their melting point is about 263 K, and the remaining water in the system behaves as pure water. Zapotitlán 1992 American Chemical Society.
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