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Title: Analysis of variation in the availability of water delivery under different signaling conditions of subcycles in a time schedule [Análisis de la variación en la disponibilidad en la entrega de agua bajo distintas condiciones de señalización de los subciclos en un programa temporal]
Author: de Jesus Torres-Ceja, C.
Mayoral, A.
Ribes-Iñesta, E.
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of the variations of water availability through the manipulation of ? values, under different signaling conditions of subcycles, maintaining constant the water delivery probability (P). Data from this study show that in some rats were observed an increase in the frequency response associated with varying ?. There were no systematic effects related to signals in subcycles. We analyze the functional difference between P and ? and its relationship with the frequency and temporal distribution of response.
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