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Title: An axisymmetric charged dust distribution with NUT rotation in general relativity
Author: Vargas-Rodriguez, H.
Gonzalez-Silva, R.A.
Lopez Benitez, L.I.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: An exact solution of the Einstein-Maxwell's field equations is presented. This solution describes an axisymmetric charged dust distribution, with NUT rotation, in the presence of an electromagnetic field of the pure magnetic type. In the comoving reference frame, there is magnetic field only, the dust's electric charges do not interact with themselves, this is due to the vanishing of the Lorentz force. A naked singularity with magnetic charge is present. The solution is of the Petrov type D and possesses four Killing vectors. This is a generalization of the LukZapotitláncs solution to the case when dust is charged. Zapotitlán 2010 American Institute of Physics.
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