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Title: Acrylic bone cements modified with bioactive filler
Author: Jasso-Gastinel, C.F.
Reyes-Gonzalez, I.
Enriquez, S.G.
Flores, J.
Mijares, E.M.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Summary: Bioactive cuttlebone Sepia officinalis particles that contain collagen were used to fill poly (methyl methacrylate-co-styrene) bone cements, varying size and concentration of filler particles. Cuttlebone was characterized by X-ray diffraction and plasma atomic emission spectrophotometer. Maximum reaction temperature and cement setting time were determined for composites and reference (copolymer without filler), along with NMR determination of residual monomer concentration. Mechanical properties characterization included stress-strain, bending, compression, fracture toughness and storage modulus tests. Mechanical results for composites filled with 10 and 30% weight of cuttlebone, complied with norm requirements which opens the possibility for using cuttlebone particles as bioactive filler.
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