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Title: Acid hydrolysis of urinary oligosaccharides in type I glycogenosis [Hidr�lisis �cida de oligosac�ridos urinarios en glucogenosis tipo I.]
Author: Sanchez-Corona, J.
Mora-Garcia, H.A.
Contreras-Sanchez, O.
Issue Date: 1990
Abstract: Oligosaccharides were isolated by thin layer chromatography from the urine of a patient diagnosed upon clinical and laboratory characteristics as glycogenosis Ia. The oligosaccharides were hydrolyzed with H2SO2 0.5 M at 100 degrees C. The hydrolysis was interrupted at 5, 10 and 20 minutes by the neutralization of the pH at standard temperature. Chromatography of the product of hydrolysis was performed and alpha 1-4 bonds were identified with the addition of ADP developer. The final product of the whole hydrolysis of all the oligosaccharides was glucose.
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