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Title: A tunable asymptotic observer for biochemical reactors. Application to anaerobic digestion [Observador Asint�tico Ajustable para Reactores Bioqu�micos: Aplicaci�n a la Digesti�n Anaerobia]
Author: Alcaraz, V.
Salazar, R.
Gonzalez, V.
Gouze, J.L.
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: In this paper a tunable asymptotic observer for non-linear dynamic systems that can be described by a set of ordinary differential equations, is proposed. In contrast with classical asymptotic observers, this one is provided with variable gains that can be tuned by the user. At the first stage of the estimation, the observer is robust against disturbances induced by poorly known non-linear terms. Eventually, the observer becomes fully independent of the nonlinear terms and thus robust against any disturbance induced by the nonlinear terms. The performance of the observer is tested through rigorous simulations in a dynamic anaerobic digestion model for wastewater treatment, showing excellent convergence and stability properties. Finally, it is shown that the proposed observer yields faster estimates than those obtained by using the classical asymptotic observers.
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