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Title: The effects of long-term exposure to disease-modifying drugs during pregnancy
Author: Fragoso, YD
Aguayo-Arcelis, A
Almeida, SMG
Alves-Leon, SV
Arruda, WO
Brooks, JBB
Carra, A
Comini-Frota, ER
Ferreira, MLB
Finkelsztejn, A
Freitas, LD
Gallina, AS
Gama, PD
Georgeto, SM
Giacomo, MC
Gomes, S
Goncalves, MVM
Grzesiuk, AK
Kaimen-Maciel, DR
Malfetano, FR
Lopes, J
Lourenco, GA
Macias, MA
Morales, NMO
Morales, RR
Oliveira, CLS
Onaha, P
Ribeiro, SBF
Ribeiro, TAGJ
Santoro, P
Seefeld, M
Soares, PV
Szymanski, JM
Tarulla, A
Issue Date: 2011
ISSN: 1352-4585
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