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[Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in children with and without obesity]Guzman-Guzman IP; Salgado-Bernabe AB; Munoz Valle JF; Vences-Velazquez A; Parra-Rojas I--
New Amino Acid Changes in Drug Resistance Sites and HBsAg in Hepatitis B Virus Genotype HFernandez-Galindo, DA; Sanchez-Avila, F; Bobadilla-Morales, L; Gomez-Quiroz, P; Bueno-Topete, M; Armendariz-Borunda, J; Sanchez-Orozco, LV--
[National survey of blindness and avoidable visual impairment in Argentina, 2013]Barrenechea R; de la Fuente I; Plaza RG; Flores N; Segovia L; Villagomez Z; Camarero EE; Zepeda-Romero LC; Lansingh VC; Limburg H; Silva JC--
[Minor phenotypic variants in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia from west Mexico]Estrada-Padilla SA; Corona-Rivera JR; Sanchez-Zubieta F; Bobadilla-Morales L; Corona-Rivera A--
[Levels of oxidative stress in serum and dietary behavior in adults in a rural area of jalisco, Mexico]Navarro-Meza M; Arroyo-Helguera O; Pacheco-Moises F; Pita-Lopez ML; Santoyo-Telles F; Ortiz GG--
[Temporal lobe epilepsy and active neurocysticercosis: two representative case reports]Ramos-Zuniga R; Perez-Gomez HR; Gaytan-Martinez LA; Vega-Ruiz B; Soto-Rodriguez S; Rochin-Mozqueda A--
[The skin as a vehicle for gene therapy: hemophilia B, an application model]Gonzalez-Ramos IA; Jaloma-Cruz AR--
Biological aspects of crosses between Triatoma recurva (Stal), 1868 (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae) and other members of the Phyllosoma complex.Martinez-Ibarra JA; Nogueda-Torres B; Licon-Trillo A; Alejandre-Aguilar R; Salazar-Schettino PM; Vences-Blanco MO--
Cell therapy for liver diseases: current medicine and future promises.Alejandra MR; Juan AB; Ana SR--
Case series of infants presenting with end stage retinopathy of prematurity to two tertiary eye care facilities in Mexico: underlying reasons for late presentation.Zepeda-Romero LC; Meza-Anguiano A; Barrera-de Leon JC; Angulo-Castellanos E; Ramirez-Ortiz MA; Gutierrez-Padilla JA; Gilbert CE--