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Letter regarding the article: "21 Mb deletion in chromosome band 13q22.2-q32.1 associated with mild/moderate psychomotor retardation, growth hormone insufficiency, short neck, micrognathia, hypotonia, dysplastic ears and other dysmorphic features" by Grigori et al.Rivera, H.--
A 9p13?p24 duplication coupled with a whole 22q translocation onto 9p24Rivera, H.; Vasquez-Velasquez, A.I.; Ramirez-Duenas, M.D.L.; Becerra-Solano, L.E.--
Mental retardation and spina bifidaRivera, H.--
Paternal non-disjunction evidenced by G6PD electrophoretic phenotypes in a 48,XXXY patientMedina, C.; Zuniga, G.; Ramirez, G.; Rivera, H.; Franco-Gamboa, E.; Barros-Nunez Vaca, G.P.--
Pure duplication 21q21.2?qter due to a rea(21) in a down syndrome girl. Remarks on nomenclatureDominguez, M.G.; Arteaga-Alcaraz, G.; Rivera, H.--
Regarding the article: "Human germline genetic modification: Scientific and bioethical perspectives"Rivera, H.--
In-House Plagiarism and Editorial UnaccountabilityRivera, H.; Vasquez-Velasquez, A.I.--
Ovarian dysgenesis due to an idic(X)(q2803)Rivera, H.; Rivas, F.; Garcia-Esquivel, L.; Moller, M.; Cantu, J.M.--
Is Yq11 the main critical segment in balance Y;Autosome translocations?Rivera, H.; Diaz-Castanos, L.--
Research utilization by health managers. Validating a self-assessment tool [Utilizaci�n de la investigaci�n por gestores de salud: Desarrollo y validaci�n de una herramienta de autodiagn�stico]Gonzalez-Block, M.A.; Mercado, F.J.; Ochoa, H.; Rivera, H.; Idrovo, A.J.--